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Дорогие друзья!

Компания SANTI Россия рада сообщить Вам о том, что в апреле 2014 года произошло слияние двух крупнейших мировых брендов SANTI и HALCYON.

Погружение в будущее

Владельцы Halcyon и Santi объявляют о создании альянса двух именитых брендов. Работая вместе, Santi и Halcyon смогут предложить искушенным дайверам, привыкшим к самому лучшему, уникальное сочетание новинок снаряжения высочайшего качества.Коалиция будет предлагать результаты совместных исследований и инициатив в области развития дайвинга, что позволит водолазам расширить границы своих погружений. Испытанные в самых дальних уголках подводного мира элементы снаряжения Halcyon и Santi навсегда останутся выбором исследователей, авантюристов и дайверов - профессионалов, которым необходимо надежное, добротное и удобное в эксплуатации снаряжение.

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Dive to the Future

Owners of Halcyon Dive Systems and Santi Diving Equipment, are pleased to announce their new relationship which promises to be a powerful association for two of the dive industry’s most innovative brands. Working together, Santi and Halcyon will bring discerning divers and dive business owners a unique combination of premier dive equipment for those divers seeking the very best. The coalition will provide new, collaborative research and development initiatives that will enable divers to extend their limits even more. Tested in the farthest reaches of our underwater world, Halcyon and Santi products continue to be the first choice of explorers, adventurers and serious divers who need their equipment to be well designed and dependable.

The enterprise, scheduled to launch April 2014 has already sparked creative new marketing strategies. By merging the companies’ sales structure in selected countries, including USA and Russia, customers will enjoy great access to premier brands with the additional benefit of having a local expert capable of supporting all of their needs in a timely and cost effective manner. Excellent customer service and a wide selection of Santi and Halcyon products will soon be available to a greater number of divers than anytime previously…truly a winning combination. Both Jarrod Jablonski and Tomek Stachura – owners of the Companies and world renowneddivers, together with their partners have created highly specialized companies to help them achieve their ambitious underwater objectives and satisfy the requirements of the most demanding divers. Now after years of successfully serving this challenging market segment independently, Halcyon and Santi will join forces to bring even greater value through innovation and service to the dive industry.These are exciting times and the new Santi/Halcyon relationship is on target to make a big impact with this first step in what promises to be a strong partnership for many years.

When asked why Santi and why now, Jarrod said, “The dive industry continues to evolve as does our global passion to explore the far reaches of the underwater world. In order to fulfill our ambitious exploration goals and remain a leader in the innovation of equipment design we decided to build a synergistic relationship with another quality focused dive company. I have known Tomek for many years and was pleased to have him join our team on the now famous Mars Project in Sweden. After just a few conversations it became apparent that Tomek and Santi share my vision for the future of diving and will make ideal partners as we move forward with new products and diving projects around the world.” On the other side of the globe the same question was asked of Tomek, why Halcyon and why now and his answer was quite similar: “Over the last few years, the Santi brand has become a world leader in providing innovative solutions and products to appreciative divers all over the world.We recognize Halcyon equipment as the natural partner on our path towards continued growth and success. Obviously, we also followed all their amazing projects and have enjoyed working with them on recent projects. They are also known to be innovators with excellent quality products so it was only natural that we would be interested to join forces. Santi has achieved great success with the technical diving marketplace and continues to be well respected by many famous divers. Now joining with Halcyon we can expand our brand even further and offer a complete gear setup that we know is the best in the market. We are excited about our new relationship and look forward to working closely together. Look for Halcyon and Santi together at the Beneath the Sea Show in New Jersey, USA and the Dive Resort and Travel show in Shanghai, China over the March 28-30 weekend.